Should Small Business Owners Join A Co-working Space?

Yes. No. Maybe?

All of those answers apply.

I joined a co-working space because it was best for my business and my sanity so of course I recommend joining one. Below are the reasons I’m part of my co-working space and why you may want to join one too.

It Saves Me Money

As much as I would love to have my own office space I know that isn’t an option for me right now. Why you ask? Well the way my budget is set up…

But seriously, I’m really not at the point where I can afford an office space or I should say it isn’t a priority in my budget at the moment. The fact that I want my office space in one of the coolest neighborhoods in San Diego doesn’t help matters either. I decided to join a co-working space so that I could have the feeling of going into the office without the full commitment renting an office brings.

It Helps Me Focus

I’m one of those people who can’t work in bed. The only way I’m able to focus and work in bed for any period of time is if I have a deadline that I have to finish RIGHT THAT SECOND. The thing is, I hate getting to that point. I like having things done in advance so I don’t work from home every day. I go into the office because it helps me stay focused especially on Monday and Tuesday when I write most of my content.

Some things like editing videos, scheduling tweets or doing outfit posts I do in my home office. All the writing (like this post) is usually done at the office… or a coffee shop, but mostly at the office.

The Networking

Co-working spaces are usually a great community where you get to know people that might refer you to their friends, use your services or be someone you can have work for you in some capacity.

I’ve also made friends as well. I’m a part of an all female space called Hera Hub. I love the women there and go out to happy hour with a few of them quite regularly.

It Gets Me Out Of The House

I can be antisocial sometimes but I really like being around people. I love being able to switch up my routine, put on makeup and go to the office. Hera Hub also has different locations in San Diego so even if I have a meeting that isn’t near my house I’m usually near one of the locations and I can run in, print some papers or just work for a few hours.

Now I want to hear from you. Are you a part of any co-working spaces? If so why? If not why?