How To Set And Accomplish Your Goals


We all have them and I bet we all let some of them slip through the cracks.
I know I do. Thankfully I’ve accomplished one of my major goals which was the launch of this site. I’ve also accomplished goals like starting my own business and starting a successful blog for minority women who blog, hey Brown Girl Bloggers!

Here’s how to set and accomplish your goals.

Identify Your Goals

This doesn’t just mean figuring out what your goals are. Your goals need to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and trackable or SMART for short.
For instance you may want to earn 1,000 extra dollars in business income. Instead of framing your goal that way you should say you want to earn 1K in extra business income by the end of July. Make sure you have a deadline.

Write Your Goals Down

I mentioned that I write my short term goals down each morning but I also do it for my long term goals. I feel that seeing my goals in my handwriting keeps me a little more accountable. I take it a step further by posting a copy somewhere that I can easily see every single day.

Identify Challenges You May Have

If your goal is to make 1K in extra income by August you have to foresee things that might hinder your process. You have to account for big events, vacations, and periods of time when the types of people who use your services or products will be more focused on something else. Of course we can’t foresee everything but try to leave room for the unexpected.

Have A Plan

How are you going to accomplish this goal of making that extra 1K? Will you cut your costs? Raise the price of your services or products? Add more services or products? Get new clients?
You need a plan so you’re not scrambling at the end of it all to get it done.

Execute Your Plan

Now that you know what you want to do and how to do it you have to do it. Get up off your butt or stop watching Netflix and achieve your goals. This can sometimes be the hardest part because we get into our own brains and tell ourselves we can’t do it when we can. I’ve personally stopped a lot of dreams because I doubted myself but we’ll honestly never know if something can be achieved until we try.
What tips do you have for people wanting to set and accomplish goals?