Send For Me

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I’m kind of in love with this dress. Like a lot of the things I wear, I think it’s one of those items that people either like or they hate but I’m in love! I think it compliments my figure very well and I’ve always been a fan of weird prints. I found this dress in one of my favorite second hand shops called Buffalo Exchange. They buy and sell clothing so a lot of their clothes are either really cool vintage or stuff that’s in season now. Although I still dig around for gems it’s a lot easier since the collections of things they have is curated. They also have the best shoes and bags.

This dress reminds me of an old song I love by Atlantic Starr called because of the postage stamps. It’s going to be stuck in my head all day now…

Dress: Thrifted // Coat: Missguided // Shoes: Target

Photos by: Ernesto Ortiz (San Diego)