Quick Coffee Date At Red Bay Coffee

Last weekend Kyle and I decided to get out of the house for a while and one of our stops was Red Bay Coffee Roastery which is near Fruitvale.

I’ve been in love with Red Bay since I first discovered it last year. Here’s the story.

When we were scoping out Oakland to decide if we wanted to live here we stumbled into a shop called Owl N Wood which is in a part of town called Old Oakland. As usual I started a conversation with the store owner and she told us about her husband’s coffee shop which had a location (in a shipping container) that was walking distance from her shop.

Being the coffee fiends that we are, Kyle and I walked over and were immediately impressed by the coffee quality. To be fair, we are kind of coffee snobs. I think we’re basically hipsters that don’t look like hipsters. 😂

Eventually we moved here and realized that our new place, while not in Fruitvale, is an easy drive and I’ve been hooked on this place ever since. I buy bags of coffee from there very regularly since I love them and I’m there anyway.

I also support because it’s a black owned business. I’ve never really heard of black people roasting their own coffee beans before and that’s why I love Oakland.

I usually get coffee and sometimes when I’m being fancy… Cafe Au Lait (ha!)  but recently, one of the guys working there got me to try the Honey Lavender Latte which was delicious. 


I also really love working from Red Bay because they have a big warehouse space and a ton of light. My only complaint is that they keep the doors open so I don’t go on cold days because my feet freeze off and the wifi can be a little spotty at times but I just connect to my hotspot when that happens.

Other than that I love the people and the atmosphere at Red Bay and it will definitely be one of my top places to buy coffee while I live in Oakland.

I also noticed that they are in a few retailers as well so I always make sure to grab a bag to support when I see them.



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Skirt: Topshop

Shoes: Adidas

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