That One Time Antoine Saved His Friend From Death


I almost killed a man on Sunday night. He was so close to death that I really hope he woke up the past two days and thanked God and his lucky stars.

On Sunday Kyle and I went to an event here in San Diego called City Fest. It’s a street fair that’s held every year in San Diego but this was our first time attending. We spent the day having a good time, buying cheap stuff and drinking. After we’d danced our asses off and out drank everyone else we decided to go to our favorite cheap Chinese restaurant because it was right around the corner.

It’s one of those places with very bad decor and cheap but amazing food. We never spend more than $20 there but we always leave with full bellies.

We had to sit near the door because the place was so full. There were tons of drunk people from City Fest being loud and disorderly which only added to the fun we were having.

As we sat down a group of guys were on their way out. One of them said “ooooh her hair” and proceeded to lean over onto my seat to touch my hair.

I immediately put up my hands and Kyle lunged at the guy but thankfully there was one black dude in the group who pulled him away before my fists landed.

His name was Antoine.

He and I immediately bonded as he berated his friend about trying to touch a black woman’s hair. I loved that he told his friend he isn’t allowed to stroke my hair because I’m not his pet.

Ya damn right I ain’t.

It boggles my mind the amount of control people think they have over my body.

Earlier that day another guy asked me to pull my hair back so he could see if it was a weave.


It’s so annoying. I’m so freaking tired of people thinking they can touch me so I’ve decided to start hitting every person that puts their hands on my body without permission.

If you touch my hair I will hit you.

That’s just how it goes now.

Btw I’m having coffee with Antoine this week.

Have you ever come close to killing another human being?