Pampering At Style Mobb Studio

Last Wednesday I decided to go to Style Mobb Studio here in Atlanta. I got my hair done there last November when they had only been open for a few months and even back then I loved the service I received so when Tiffan’e, the owner, reached out about me coming back (that’s a great way to get repeat customers btw) I was all for it. I’ve neglected my self-care and health while building my businesses this and that needs to change. Seriously, besides one quick stop at a salon literally next door to my office I haven’t had my hair done in that long and that’s just sad.

One of the first things I noticed when I walked in was how cute it was in there. When I came the previous year it was more open and now she had put up new walls and changed the look completely. I was greeted as soon as I walked in and offered a drink. I feel like going to a salon is a treat and I like service that goes above and beyond which is nice.

The first thing I did was get my eyelashes extensions done. This is something I’ve only done a few times but I like the fact that they take my eyes to the next level. I wanted something subtle for every day and although it’s taken me a minute to get used to looking at them on my face, I like them a lot. I’ve also gotten compliments on them every day.


After the eyelash extensions, it was time to get Lipo Cavitation done. This was complimentary so I could try it out and tell y’all my results. Basically, you lay down and the technician puts gel on the area you’re getting done and uses a wand that projects soundwaves at your fat. Essentially it drains the fat into your lymphatic system which your body expels. I’m no scientist so don’t ask me if that’s right or what. That’s my understanding.

I was a little skeptical before getting the procedure but I lost two inches around my waist by the next morning so I’m a believer. I think the cavitation did more than just help me lose inches. It also motivated me to start running again and eat better. I had it done a week ago and I went running 4 times since then and I’ve cleaned up my diet. No fast food or anything. I would recommend it as something fun to try and something that will get your mindset right to work out. Tiffan’e also used her Snatched Cream which apparently takes the service to the next level. After the treatment, she wrapped me up with the cream and I wore the wrap for the rest of the day.

After the cavitation, it was time to get my hair did! As I said, I got my hair done here in November and it was a great experience. They immediately saw how dry my hair was and gave me a steam treatment. They told me what products to use and how often to use them. The only reason I haven’t been back is that I’ve been busy. I do know that I’ll be back! Tiffan’e does great sew-ins and everything else from natural hair to relaxed hair.

I’d definitely recommend this salon if you’re in the Atlanta area and you want to have a relaxing day while also having a good time and laughing the way we always do in salons.

My hair! Thank you!!!