How I Moved Across The Country After College

I received an email asking me why I moved across the country right out of college and what I thought about before doing it. I thought it would make a really good post so lets get into it. First I’ll outline my situation at the time so you get an understanding of why I moved.

My Situation

The short answer and the one I hate to give is that I moved for my boyfriend who is now my husband. Yes, I moved to California because he got a job here. I was all set to move to DC or NYC after graduation but somehow he got me to change my mind.

I  don’t think it’s a wise decision to make a move like this with someone who isn’t your spouse unless you trust them completely because there are several ways they can throw you under the bus but thankfully everything worked out for me.

It’s important to note the fact that I didn’t move alone. I moved with another person which means I had someone to share costs with and someone to take the risk with which made the transition a little easier.

My Process

I started saving as soon as I realized I was moving after college. Like I said earlier California wasn’t always the end goal. For most of my senior year I thought I’d be moving to DC because it was a much safer choice as I had family there and a guaranteed job.

I moved to California without a job which can be very risky. I have bachelors in Communication and I knew that no employer would hire me all the way across the country when they could hire someone with the same degree and skill set that lived in town. That was a risk I took and that may not be for everyone. I knew I might not get hired right away but honestly I didn’t care. (I did end up finding a job within 3 weeks but that’s another post.)

My husband (boyfriend at the time) already had a job which made things easier and less stressful. I hate to admit it but I knew if I didn’t find a job before I ran out of my savings I had someone to help me. Now, anyone who knows me knows that was an option I didn’t want to have to use but I won’t pretend it wasn’t there.

We took a 2.5 week road trip from SC to CA which was one of the best experiences I’ve had in life so far. It was so much fun and we spread the driving out so we didn’t get tired or hate each other. We visited so many places. I’ll probably forget a few but Atlanta, Memphis, a few small Texas towns, Albuquerque, The Grand Canyon, Phoenix, Vegas…

There were a lot of them and it was an AMAZING experience. I would definitely recommend doing that if you’re making a big move. We’re road trippers by nature so I can see a lot more of those in our future.

I shipped all of my things here via Uhaul Uboxes which I would not recommend to anyone! It was a horrible experience and we didn’t get our stuff for weeks. Kyle had to go to work soon after we arrived and since our stuff wasn’t here he had to buy brand new uniforms. I’d recommend using a freight service or a moving company with great reviews because you might have a better experience than I did.

Once here we stayed in a hotel and did our apartment search within two days. This is also something to avoid because that apartment sucked. Our storage unit got robbed and they took all of our shit. Thankfully Kyle is adult enough to have insurance or we would have been screwed. Someone also tried to break into our car and screwed up the driver side door.

I had to live there alone for 4 months because Kyle was gone for 8 but I eventually moved. I recommend using a service like while you apartment hunt because it’s cheaper than a hotel and you won’t be worried about money. You’ll have time to scope out neighborhoods and make a clear decision about where you want to live. That’s what we did the second time around and it was great.

Other than that I won’t lie… I didn’t plan much. I winged it the entire time because that’s my personality. I do like to plan things out but I am honestly more of a go with the flow type of girl.

Have you ever made a big move? What are your tips?