I Like My Strawberry Legs

I thought strawberry legs were normal growing up. I think it’s because I grew up in a family full of black women and I wasn’t allowed to watch a lot of TV. I can remember looking at my grandma’s legs and my aunt’s legs and noticing the little black dots. I didn’t get them until later but I assumed it was something that happened as you got older.

I don’t think I paid attention to my legs to be honest. They’re functional and I’ve come to terms that my thighs are out of control so there’s really no need. It wasn’t until Youtube became a thing and I saw all of these black Youtubers complaining about their strawberry legs that I started to feel some sort of complex about them. It only lasted for a second before I realized there wasn’t much I could do about them and chasing perfection is boring anyway.

My legs haven’t stopped anything in my life so I can’t imagine I’ll ever care about these dots.

Anyway, on to the important part… this outfit that I’ve worn twice in the last week.

I thrifted this shirt a while back and I have no idea what it says. I’m assuming the Chinese characters are about how great Arizona tea is…

I’ve had everything else for a really long time so I won’t even try to link the actual items but I love that spring has come because I can wear lighter layers.

I also realized, while planning this month’s outfits, that I don’t have much color in my wardrobe. I got rid of a ton of clothes at the end of last summer so I’m basically working with fall/winter colors.

I have a ton of black, white, dark green, and denim but no bright spring colors and patterns.

I guess that means I need to go shopping.

My life is so hard.

What do you think about strawberry legs?