Getting Out Of My Comfort Zone

The other day my husband turned to me and said, “you’re too comfortable.” It wasn’t fun to hear but it’s true. I’ve gotten so comfortable in this little life of mine with my freelance work and my cozy apartment.

It’s not like I’m rich or anything but I’ve always been the type of person to be happy with what I have. Lately I’ve felt very stagnant. I haven’t been posting content or creating as much content as I’d like and to be honest I’m bored and a little disappointed in myself. Pity parties are great and all but about two weeks ago I decided to get over feeling bad about and change a few things to get my mojo back instead. Here are the really simple things I’ve been doing to get out of this rut.


I work from home and lately I’ve found that means never leaving. I can order groceries, household products, and even entertainment from home so I’ve gone literal weeks without leaving other than to go to the gym. At first it was because I had just left my crappy apartment in San Francisco and moved into a nicer apartment in Oakland but that’s just an excuse. I’ve decided to make an effort to leave my house at least 4 times during the work week and so far I’m going strong. It’s only been two weeks but let me have my win, thanks.


I’ve definitely become a no person lately. I live in the Bay so there’s always something going on but when I get invited I never want to go. It’s always too early or too late or it’s in the middle of the day and I forget. Going forward I’m going to start saying yes to more invitations… not all of them but most of them.


I’ve been wrapped up in working lately. As a freelancer I feel like I’m always chasing a client or trying to get more work, or working on current projects. A lot of it has to do with my Bay Area bills which is real life but it shouldn’t be my entire life. My job is fairly creative but it’s different when I’m creating because someone is paying me to versus doing things for me. I’ve fallen way off with just creating for the hell of it so I want to get back to that. I have a solid goal to produce something every day even if it’s just a picture. I probably won’t share it all but it’s important that I do it anyway. Although I’m sure I won’t create every day setting that goal means I’ll create more and so far I’m doing good.

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How do you get out of your comfort zone?