How I Generate Topic Ideas

I churn out a lot of content every day and it’s hard work despite what some people think. I run two blogs (sometimes three) and I write for my clients.

I’ll admit that I get burned out or just plain tired of coming up with ideas sometimes. I’ve read countless articles on how to generate ideas and while some of the things I’ve read have worked for me I believe we all have to come up with our own routines.

Here’s how I constantly come up with topic ideas.

Wake Up Early & Have A Cup Of Coffee: I’m an early bird. I go to sleep early and wake up anywhere between 5a to 6a every morning. Getting up early to start writing helps me because my brain is clear and ready to come up with fresh ideas.

Set Up Google Alerts: I get about 15 Google alerts a day. They can get annoying so make sure you set them up on an email that doesn’t come to your phone. At the beginning of the day or whenever I have free time I go through them to see what’s trending in the world.

Read Other Blogs: I love reading other blogs (if you have one please link it below.) Reading what other writers have to say gives me so many ideas because I’m the type of person who a has strong opinions about everything. Strong opinions make great articles or blog posts and they create the space for friendly debates which are always fun.

Take A Step Back: Sometimes we try too hard. If I can’t think of anything to write I move on top another task, go for a walk or meet a friend for lunch. I try to do anything to get my mind off the task. My day to day life is usually the inspiration behind my writing because it’s so inspiring. Everyone can find inspiration in their lives.

Talk To Family & Friends: Talking to my family and friends on the phone helps generate ideas because most of them aren’t in my field. They provide a completely different point of view which is refreshing. When I talk to my friends who are writers we help each other by going through our lists and talking about our ideas.

Just Start Writing: I go through several versions of everything I write. Sometimes when I don’t know what to write (like today) I just sit down and start typing. Along the way my words will start making sense and a thought will form. I just go with it and edit it until I’m happy with the outcome.

Wait Until The Last Minute: I know this is probably the worst advice ever but I swear it works for me! I’ll try for days to write a story or article and I just can’t. The deadline will steadily approach and I just can’t think or I don’t want to. I’m a notorious procrastinator. Anyway, either a day or a few hours before my deadline I’ll sit down and force myself to write because I have no choice. That’s when I get my best ideas! Seriously. Sometimes being a procrastinator helps.

What are your tips for coming up with story ideas?