From The Archives: Fall Fashion

It’s not Thursday but today’s post is a throwback. I was going through my external hardrive and I came across some old photos of fall fashion from years past. It’s so funny to me how much my style has changed and how much better my editing skills have gotten. I used to use this weird glowy filter on my pictures and I use to crank up the saturation. I’m not sure why but… hey, we learn and grow. Now all I do is edit a bit for color. Sometimes I’ll throw a filter on my pictures but I’m too lazy not to keep it simple. Ha!


This was taken last year. I hadn’t realized how big I had gotten 🙁 but I’m glad I had the confidence to wear whatever I wanted. The first picture is one of my favorite pictures to this day. I think my love of mom jeans started last year when I was gaining weight and although I lost the weight this summer I still love them.

frumpy-fran-1 frumpy-fran-2

This was about 2 years ago when I was into dark lips, dark makeup and dark clothes. It’s crazy to see how much my hair has grown! Jeez! I recommend protective styling to get your hair to grow if you’re natural.

orange-skirt1 orange-skirt-2

For some reason I loved this outfit. I don’t have any of the pieces anymore but it was completely thrifted. I think these were taken in 2013. The editing is atrocious. I really wish I had the original pictures. black + white + purple hair

Can’t forget my purple hair! I’ve had black hair for about a year and a half now and I’m itching to dye it but I’m trying to at least wait until spring… it’s so hard!!


Loved this outfit. I used to go behind my office building at lunch and take pictures. Shoutout to that weird piece of trash… or maybe it’s a leaf… I think I still have all of these pieces minus the boots. I might recreate this one. I love skirts and sweaters.

lazy day fit

Casual dayyyyzzzeee and straight hair. I haven’t put heat on my hair in years but lately I’ve been thinking about breaking the rules. Maybe I’ll just get a straight wig.

sun in my face

I swore I was doing the damn thing in this picture. Haha!

I’m glad I have memories like videos and pictures from all my different style phases. It’s fun to look back. I’m sure I’ll be looking at this year’s pictures 5 years from now and wondering and laughing at myself.

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