How To Become A Freelance Writer Or Entrepreneur

I’ve been getting asked by a lot of people how I was able to start my own business right out of college and get clients right away. Below I’m going to discuss why I decided to start a business as well as tips I think helped me on this journey.

Don’t Make Excuses

A lot of people make excuses when it’s time to start a business. They say they can’t think of a name or they’re afraid to make less money or whatever excuse they can come up with. I’m familiar with this because I used to have the same thought process. I almost didn’t start my business because I couldn’t think of a name for it. Instead of doing that I decided to name my business after myself and then changing it when a really good name came to me. If I had waited to start my business because of something as ridiculous as a name I would have never started it. If you want to start your own business get rid of your excuses.

Get Business Cards & A Website

Having business cards has been so beneficial to me. I’m always chatting up random people wherever I go and I usually mention that I own a business. If they’re interested in what I have to say they’ll want to contact me so I give them an easy way to do that. Business cards are also useful when attending networking events and they aren’t expensive. I usually order from I think you can get 100 for $20.

A website in this day and age is a no brainer. It makes you look serious.


Go out and meet people in your city. Attend networking events. Go to seminars and conventions. I’m always talking about the importance of networking because if you want to grow your business having connections is a must. Networking online is important as well but face to face networking has helped me a lot.

Do Excellent Work Every Time

If you want referrals your work has to be spot on. If your clients are pleased with your work and they like you as a person they’ll refer you to their friends and colleagues. About 85% of my business has come from referrals.

Pitch Your Services

If you’re a writer you’re probably familiar with pitching to publications and blogs but you can also pitch your services to businesses no matter what you do. A lot of people don’t like to do this and it’s hard to find the balance between pitching and spamming but it can be done. I’ve gotten a few clients by finding their business, seeing what I could do to help them, and telling them.

Last but not least… JUST DO IT

I know I sound like a Nike ad but that’s some really solid advice. I started my business in 24hrs. I know it’s a little more complicated than that if you’re doing more than consulting and freelancing but it can be done. If you have to save money then start saving today. If your business requires you to fill out a ton of paperwork start writing! Don’t make excuses for yourself when it is possible to have the career you want.

I don’t think I’m an expert and I’m not saying everything I say is right but I do know that starting my business was the best thing I could have done for myself. I’ve learned so much, met amazing people and taken control of my life. I’m happy and that happiness started with me seeing a change I needed to make and making it. If you’re reading this I hope you can do the same.

Do you have any specific questions to ask? If so let me know in the comments.