Your Dream Job Might Not Be What You Think But You Can Still Have It

If you read The Wall Street Journal I’m sure you saw this article about two young women who landed their “dream jobs” right out of college and realized those jobs weren’t so great. I liked the article but the comments made me sad because there are so many jaded people in the world. Like those women I got what I thought was my dream job right out of college and I quit it when I realized it sucked. I’m now pursuing something better and it’s been the best thing I ever did for my life.

When I graduated college in May 2013 as a Communications major everyone assumed that I had wasted my money on a useless degree. In addition to getting that useless degree I decided to move all the way across the country to California instead of staying in South Carolina where I had guaranteed job opportunities. I made that choice for several reasons, one being my boyfriend (now husband), which made everyone think I was even crazier.

Within three weeks of arriving I had an offer for what I thought was the perfect job. I was getting paid well, working with my degree, and the company seemed amazing. However there were a few buts…

My first but(t) was my boss. I won’t go into too much detail but he decided that in addition to coordinating the company’s marketing, I was also his personal assistant which lead to me doing all types of crazy things. He made me drive six hours to deliver a piece of equipment he had forgotten to ship once then come work afterwards and he also made me plan Vegas parties that tested my personal morals. I couldn’t take it.

My second but was being stuck in an office with five other people for eight hours a day. It was very open which is fine except that no one respected each other’s space or the fact that we were there to work and not chat. Now, anyone who knows me is probably reading this with their mouths wide open because I love to talk but not when I have work to do.

Those two things were bad enough but the but that broke the camel’s back (haha!) was the two hour commute each day that should have only taken 30 minutes. My life was torture!

I don’t believe you should work to live. I mean, what are you living for if you hate 10 out of 24 hours of your day? Your job is the place you spend the majority of your time and not wanting to be there is kind of a problem.

After realizing all of those things I decided to start freelancing. Now I enjoy my life and make enough money to live. I spend my days surrounded by other women who encourage me and give me advice and I work from amazing places like this:

and this:

Sure, I would be making more money if I had kept my job but money will come in time. If I was still working in a dull office with a two hour commute each day I would probably be insane by now.

Even if there are people out there who think they can’t find their “dream job” I think everyone should search for it. Don’t end up like the people in the comment section of  that Wall Street Journal article. You should at least find a job you like so that you don’t look back at your life one day and think about how crappy it was.

I know everyone can’t freelance but what I’m trying to say is living a life that involves more things you enjoy than hate is a lot better than working a job that makes you want to stab your eyes out everyday.

Ask me how I know…

Do you have your dream job?