Why I Don’t Care About Planning My Wedding

The short answer is because I’m lazy. Planning a wedding is hard work dammit and I commend brides who do it without going crazy. I also understand the ones who turn into bridezillas. I’d be happy with a courthouse wedding in all honesty but I’m pretty sure both my mom and my future mother in in law would have a heart attack.

I’m just one of those people who thinks my marriage should be more important than my wedding. I can’t care enough about one day to put so much though and thousands of dollars into it. I’m more concerned with the days after the wedding.

We have so many things we want to do together like buy a house and take vacations and eat good food. We eat A LOT of good food. We’re so young right now (22 & 24) and I just don’t see how a big wedding will benefit our lives or help us reach our financial goals.

Some people will say we should wait until we have tons of money to throw an extravagant wedding and when I hear that I really don’t understand what those people hope to get from marriage. First, it’s less about having the money and more about using the money for other things and secondly, I’m not marrying Kyle for a party or for money. I’m marrying him because I believe, maybe in naivety, that we make good partners and he’s my best friend.

Shouldn’t my marriage be the most important thing anyway?

Since my wedding is in July everyone around me is starting to freak out about the fact that I don’t have a dress or a photographer. (Ok, I have to admit I’m slightly stressed about the photographer).

I want to care. I really do but when Kyle and I started fighting over cake toppers I knew I had to do something or we would go insane. That’s when we decided to just wing it and enjoy a weekend with our family and friends. Who cares about the frills anyway?

I guess we’ll see exactly how the wedding turns out in July.