Date Ideas For The Broke Twenty Something

Kyle and I went through a period where we didn’t have a lot of money but we also didn’t want to sit inside and stare at each other all day. Not having a lot of money can wreck havoc on a relationship so instead of focusing on what you can’t do without money focus on what you CAN do. Here are a few date ideas for the times when you’re broke.

People Watching + Cheap Food

This is still one of our favorite dates to go on. We live in a very walkable city so sometimes we go on walks to a cheap restaurant or desert shop and stop for a sit on a bench to watch people. You’ll be amazed at some of the crazy things people do in broad daylight on the street. It’s a great bonding experience to see other couples or kids and to talk about your life and the future.

Small Theatre Productions

Kyle is not big on theatre but when we find the right production to go to he loves it. There is just something awesome about live shows because they’re never the same each night. They also always give you something to talk about because of that. If you’re always going to the movies (which isn’t cheap these days) you might really enjoy this option. Now that we live in San Francisco I really want to go to a sing-along at the Castro Theatre.


I’ll be the first to admit that museums bore the crap out of me. I’m of the mind that once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all (which isn’t true.) But if I go to the museum with an open mind I usually take in a lot of cool information. When we lived in San Diego we went to certain museums at Balboa Park for free on Tuesdays.


Going for a walk will never get old. We take walks in our neighborhood, on the beach, down the grocery store isle… the possibilities are endless. Lol

Give me your cheap date suggestions in the comments.