Contract For Freelancers, Bloggers & Entrepreneurs + A Sample Contract

I’ve talked about the importance of contracts several times here and over at Brown Girl Bloggers but I haven’t really discussed them in detail. It’s something I feel really strongly about because when I first started freelancing I didn’t have contracts with my clients.

There were a lot of reasons that I didn’t have contacts like ignorance, fear, and not having enough value in myself and my services. I was at a disadvantage because some people didn’t take me seriously because of my gender and age. It was a tough situation.

Thankfully I’ve learned so much through trial and error and I really want to keep others from making same mistakes.

If you’re reading this as a blogger who wants to work with brands or as a freelancer with clients please, please PLEASE sign a contract. It will help you out so much in the long run.

I’m attaching a download for a sample contract. You should tweak it to fit the needs of your company but I feel this one is really generic and can be customized to fit freelancers and bloggers. I always put my logo at the top of the contract so make sure you do the same.

I don’t remember how I came up with this contract but it involved a ton of googling and talking with lawyer friends. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me or comment below.

Red indicates things you need to change and/or delete before creating the final copy for you client.

Sample Contract

 Do you alright sign contracts or do you think it’s a waste of time?