My Favorite Outfits Of The Moment | June 2017

Today’s lookbook features my favorite casual outfits at the moment. These are the clothing items that I’m wearing all the time. I’m a chronic outfit repeater because…. why not? The age of Instagram has made us think it’s bad to be seen in the same thing but if something works I don’t try to fix it.


Look One

I love this black and white dress (shirt?) that I picked up on sale at Zara a while back. It’s almost too short to wear as a dress but I get away with it by pairing it with a long piece of outwear. It looks WAY shorter than it is in these photos. I also wear this as a shirt (dress ?) with jeans too. I love dressing it down with sneakers or dressing it up like I did in this video and on this day as well.

I didn’t think I’d wear this cardigan (similar, I own this one too) much when I bought it. I was in Urban Outfitters when I saw it and I kept walking away but coming back because I didn’t want to spend that much on it but it’s soooo cute. I ended up convincing myself to buy it and I’m glad I did since it’s always cardigan weather in SF.

These are my new over the knee boots that I picked up at a Macy’s sale a few weeks ago because my old ones were too big at the thigh after I lost weight.

Look Two 

Listen, I know that someone like me shouldn’t be in white jeans. I’m the clumsiest person ever but this is why I keep a tide to go pen in my purse. I can’t be trusted with white anything but I’ve been doing ok in these. Anyway, these are the only white jeans I own because I only bought one pair to see if I’d wear them. I actually have been wearing them and I’ve been loving the lighter color palette.

This cardigan is here again and these shoes are from… TJ Maxx. I kind of forget how great of a deal TJ Maxx can be. I’ve been stopping into Homegoods about once a week lately to get stuff for my apartment and I usually hope on over to the TJ Maxx side to see what’s good and I haven’t been disappointed.

This purse is my newest obsession from Topshop and this shirt is thrifted.

Look Three 

I’m kind of obsessed with these pink pants from Madewell. Getting these was a struggle so I tend to wear them a lot. Ha! Basically, I bought the first pair and when I got them home I realized they had a weird stain on them. By the time I took them back they were sold out but the amazing girls in the SF Madewell store found a store that had one pair left in my size and got them sent to my house. So yes, I was the crazy lady holding up the line in Madewell to get these jeans.

This shirt is old and I believe I thrifted it but I’m not sure. These Nike Roshe Ones are pretty standard blogger fare. I like that they go with anything. I wear them with dresses and skirts a lot more than you’d think.

I got this leather jacket from Zara (Similar) during their Black Friday sale and I honestly don’t wear it enough so lately I’ve been throwing it on more.

Look Four

It wouldn’t be a favorite outfits video without a big ass sweater. Haha! I LOVE LOVE LOVE wearing oversized clothes. It’s super comfortable and effortless and I usually get so many compliments.

I got this sweater from a boutique in SF called Audrey. It’s on Valencia St. in the mission and they carry a lot of trendy pieces. It’s very Aliexpress/ Instagram boutiquey but I like it.

This skirt is an oldie but goody that I wear all the time. I love this print because I can pair it with so many things although I seem to pair it with mustard a lot.

Alright so those are 4 of my favorite casual outfits of the moment. Please head over to my Youtube channel and hit the subscribe button for more fashion videos!

What’s in your casual wardrobe?