Casual Mondays

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Why can’t Mondays be casual? Why Friday? I mean, Monday is the day you have to roll out of bed after having a fantastic non-working weekend and deal with co-workers. I say we all ban together so that this can be a real thing.

So… eyeball shoes. I bought them from Buffalo Exchange a while back and I love them. Someone always compliments me when I’m wearing them and they’re really comfortable to walk in.

I almost went the safe route with this outfit because of the shoes. I was going to do the whole tennis theme with a white skirt but thankfully that morning as I was getting dressed I managed to get lipstick all over the skirt (classic Candice.)

I improvised and I’m really happy with the results. Sometimes the pieces you least expect to work together end up being the best.

I dress up a lot but sometimes I like to be casual… with a twist.

Would you ever wear these shoes or are they only reserved for crazy people like me?