But First, Coffee…

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Happy Friday!

This is an example of what I wear when I’m going to see clients or run errands. I know it’s not what people usually wear to work but I have a lot of liberty since my job is so creative. If you want to wear something like this on a casual day at your office I’d suggest a normal fitted shirt instead of a crop top. If jeans aren’t allowed in your workplace swap them for black pants.

I’m in love with this thrifted jacket because it makes me feel like a young, childless Claire Huxtable. I paired it with mom jeans because it’s the obvious choice but I can’t wait to wear it with dresses and skirts. I’m sure it’ll pop up on the blog again.

I got these jeans on sale at H&M for $20! When I saw that they were on sale AND they had my size I was so excited. It’s hard for me to find jeans because I have big thighs, a small waist and no hips. I’m a size eight in most jeans but a six in dresses and skirts so to find jeans that fit my waist decently made my day.

Here’s to hoping you’ve had a good week and if you’re a coffee addict like me try not to drink too much.

Crop Top: Target // Jacket: Thrifted // Belt: ?? // Jeans: H&M // Boots: Target