Black Female Friendships Are A Lost Art

Yesterday I read a quote by Demetria McKinney on where she said:

“Black female friendships [are] a lost art.”

Am I the only one tired of “celebrities” making stupid ass general statements?

I’m wondering if she just meant that black female friendships are a lost art on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta because she couldn’t mean it’s a lost art in this here life.

I’m a black woman and I can say with certainty that most of my friends are black women.

That’s not to say that I’m not friends with women of other races but I’m not talking about that today. I’m talking about my friendships with black women.

I grew up in a family of women. I have a great grandma, two grandmas, a mom and four aunts. If I know anything I know that surrounding yourself with black women means you can’t go wrong.

I honestly can’t remember a time in my life when my friends weren’t black women or girls and after talking with a few of my friends and doing a Facebook survey most black women that I know say the same.

I moved across the country to a city with a black population of 5.6% and almost all of my friends are STILL black women.

I can’t think of one black woman that I know in real life who doesn’t have black friends. Even my internet friends are black women.

I don’t have a problem with black women and I’m not fighting with them in the street. Yes, we throw shade but it’s all in the name of love. We never try to intentionally hurt each other.

So no Demetria, black female friendships are not a lost art. You should really take a look at yourself and the people you surround yourself with if you think they are.

Oh, and I really hate that she referred to black women as females. That really annoys me but I didn’t want to misquote her…