Advice To My Freshman Self

I’m very happy with my college experience. I was involved on campus, I worked almost full time, had fun with my friends, and joined a sorority. I think I got as much out of it as possible but if I could talk to freshman Candice this is what I would say.

You are NOT ready to take more than 1 hardcore class!

I feel like my advisor screwed me during the first semester of my college career. She told me to take statistics, psych 101 and my 4 credit English requirement that semester. English wasn’t so hard but it was a TON of work and stats and psych 101 kicked my ass. It sucked. My stats professor actually told me to drop her class. She said, and I quote, “drop my class because you will fail.”

Make sure to ease yourself into the hardcore classes.

Get involved on campus NOW!

I commuted to campus during my freshman year which is something I still regret. I didn’t begin to get involved on campus until my sophomore year but once I did it changed my entire college experience. I met some of my best friends by joining organizations on campus and it also helped me realize where my passions are. There are so many options, no matter the size of your campus, that it’s ridiculous not to be a part of something.

Use It’s actually there for a reason.

Don’t use it as a tool to get an easy professor but use it as a tool to get a good professor. Well, maybe you should use it to get an easy professor for a humanities or some class not related to your major. I’m not here to judge.

There are some very sketchy things that go on in college. You, the little country bumpkin, are not even close to being ready.

Enough said. Small town Candice was not ready for the drugs, sex, and alcohol she saw freshman year. I’m still scarred and I probably will be for the rest of my life.

You are going to gain weight and it gets ugly.

I ate a ton of crappy food and didn’t exercise for the first 2 years of college. I wish freshman Candice knew that while that worked in high school it doesn’t work in college. I gained weight but then I lost all the weight, got really fit and fell in love with my body so maybe that was just something I had to go through.

Don’t buy your books at the campus bookstore and don’t buy them until you know that you need them.

I would say “screw the campus bookstore.” Go around the corner to University Books, use Amazon or some other website. Just don’t go to Barnes and Nobles. Also, you don’t need the books for 75% of your classes. Just wait and see. Don’t buy your books before the first week of classes.”

Go to your professor’s office hours.

Professors love it when students show up to their office hours. It shows initiative and it shows that you actually care about your grade. They will remember it when it comes to grading curves and letters of recommendation.

Do not and I repeat DO NOT register for an 8 a.m. unless absolutely necessary.

I consider myself a morning person and so does everyone who knows me. I can get up at 6am to go to the gym and I can go to work at 8am with no problem but I absolutely cannot wake up every MWF to go to a class, sit there and be bored. I just can’t.

You are not going to be a psychologist. Let go of the dream.

I entered college as psychology major. I really thought I was going to be a doctor. I even learned how to spell psychology without spell check! The college dream killers killed that dream quick.

Your high school friends will not be your friends for life.

I did better than most. I held on to my high school friendships until junior year and then it all fell apart. My priorities changed once I got to college and a lot of my high school friend’s stayed the same. I still love them and talk to them when I go home but it will never be the same.

College goes by way to fast.

I had a moment earlier this week where I missed college so much! Writing this is making me feel even more nostalgic. I wish I could go back in time to savor it a little more and relish in all my tiny accomplishments.


Your fashion choices will embarrass you later.

The clothes, the grey contacts, the wigs… WHY CANDICE!? WHY?

What advice do you agree with? What would you tell your freshman self if given the chance?