5 Ways To Get Motivated In The Morning

Don’t you just LOVE mornings. It’s so much fun to wake up early and have to do work and not just do whatever your heart desires. Right?

Ok wrong. Most people hate mornings but I’m one of the lucky few who loves them. I’m going to give you a few tips to get motivated in the morning.

Wake up 30 minutes earlier

This is something I tell Kyle almost every morning. We have different philosophies when it comes to waking up and so our mornings are very different. I set my alarm so that I have 30 extra minutes to have a cup of coffee and reflect every morning and when my alarm goes off I get up. That means I’m never rushed and I enjoy a cup of joe in peace every morning. I love it.

On the other hand my husband hits snooze on his alarm for those 30 minutes and 10 minutes after. Keep in mind that he works for the military meaning he has strict uniform regulations and time limits for being at work. He leaves at 6:30a and by the time 6:20a rolls around he’s running like a chicken with it’s head cup off trying to finish his coffee, find the hat to his uniform and pack lunch.

It’s very hectic and it usually puts him in a bad mood. On the few occasions that he’s actually woken up with me he has better mornings. You’d think that would be enough to make him wake up every morning but no.

Don’t be like my husband. Make your mornings awesome and the rest of your day will be too.  

Turn on some music

When given the chance I sleep in and like to wake up naturally. However, that doesn’t usually happen in my life so I try not to start my day off grumpy over something I can’t change.


Have breakfast

Ok, ok I don’t cook but I make a mean bowl of cereal, oatmeal and a smoothie. As far as cooking goes I let Kyle handle that. The mornings when he makes bacon, eggs and potatoes are THE BEST! So eat breakfast in the morning. Bonus points if you can share it with a friend or loved one. 


Or do a workout. I usually do my workouts in the morning and it’s a great start to my day.

Plan your day

If you aren’t a big list maker and you don’t use pencil and paper you should try it for just a week. You’d be amazed at how organized you can be when you take a few minutes to jot down your plans by hand each day.

What do you do in the morning?